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From our hearts to yours: welcome. This space is so dear to us—and we hope it will be to you too.

My healing journey began in a greenhouse. I had recently walked through the hardest season of my life's journey—life-changing in every part of my being. I wondered whether I’d ever be me again.

But I found hope in the greenhouse. The life-healing power of the sun and the magic of plants growing from tiny seeds into their full potential, matched with encouraging people and plenty of time with Jesus... it was just what I needed. I found a way to be present with others, and came to the realization that these simple things in life really are my joy. My vision:

Our Roots

A story of hope and healing—planting the seeds for a space that would allow us to gather and grow.

A long three years later, My clarity and purpose are back. I share this because it is so near and dear to my heart when it comes to the Grove. The Grove is intended to be a place to spend time with one another, Gather. Time is the most precious gift you can give to someone.  To Nourish the body and mind, Bloom where you were planted, and Celebrate all of life’s milestones.

 The Grove is intended to be a blessing. To get back to the roots I am so proud to have grown up with.

Water the things that matter the most to you. They will thrive.


Have you ever walked into a greenhouse with beauty all around and not found some inner peace? Or experienced the joy of gifting a beautiful bouquet to a friend? I bring home my treasures and put my hands in the soil to make them part of my home. This is my place of healing. 




Garden season in late July, when early tomatoes are finally ready, the garden has grown in abundance... This is the food that I love to feed my family. Our mission is to use the abundance of home grown goods in our amazing little valley to create foods you know heal the body and soul. Nourishment in, healing begins.

Home, a place I love to be. This is a place to gather with friends, spend time with family, and be unapologetically you. I love my home. The projects, the comfort, the smell of the baked goods my son I create together. We designed our market to help you make your house feel like home too.

I am truly honored to offer a space for celebrating life's milestones, big and small. Nothing brings me more joy than witnessing the togetherness of a family gathering, the excitement of special occasions, or the beautiful union of two hearts becoming one in marriage.

This I know: There is one voice that matters in the writing of your story, and that voice belongs to you.  

The most important thing about The Grove is the opportunity it offers for gathering in community with one another: simply spending time in each other's company. Whether you join one of our gardening classes or enjoy a farm-to-table meal from our vendors, know that you are helping plant roots in our local community and growing in togetherness with the people you care about most.

The Grove is a space for you to experience nourishment, togetherness, and renewed hope—to find your voice, and write a new chapter in your story.

Behind The Grove

Meet Katee Denham

I'm just a small town girl from Olathe Colorado that loves all things family.  Time spent baking, gathering together, gardening, and teaching the next generations are the best times.  I am the blessed momma to two amazing boys. 

I founded the Grove as a place for gathering: to nourish our hearts, to celebrate life's milestones, and to be present in the simple joy of togetherness.

The Grove is just part of my story. I’d love for it to be a part of others’ stories as well. In all ways good. 


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The Grove offers a full experience for you to enjoy: pick a bouquet of flowers or shop for seeds and sprouts at The Bloom Nursery, then enjoy a meal crafted from locally sourced ingredients at our restaurant. Before you leave, don't forget to visit The Market: our thoughtfully curated shop for home goods and gifts.

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