Welcome to the Bloom Nursery, where we cultivate beautiful garden flowers—and inspiration for those who seek nourishment in the garden. Our nursery offers fresh-cut stems for bouquets, along with a variety of seasonal garden blooms and indoor houseplants.

a state of freshness and beauty.

to flourish or thrive;

Bloom (v.) 

Bloom Nursery is more than a place to purchase plants. It is an experience, an adventure, and is full of inspiration for the home gardener. Browse our extensive selection of colorful annuals, hanging baskets, hardy perennials, vines, and decorative trees and shrubs to beautify your corner of the earth.

seasonal stems and vibrant blooms

In the Garden

We offer an extensive collection of colorful annuals, hanging baskets, and hardy perennials to bring life to your garden.


What we're growing:

From decorative trees and landscaping shrubs to easy-maintenance house plants, there's something green for everyone.


Growing your own food? Check out our broad selection of vegetables and herbs—including over 50 varieties of tomatoes!


Plant your own fruit trees, berry bushes and vines, or homegrown grapes. We offer a range of sizes and varieties to suit your home garden.


You will find an inspiring selection of pots, soil mixes, and fertilizers to help you grow thriving plants at home. We have sourced local soils and compost to offer to the public in bulk pricing—giving you the highest quality selection of local and sustainable materials for your home garden.

soil mixes and potting


seeking inspiration?

Follow along on instagram to see our latest inventory and get inspired by creative gardening ideas.

Our Favorites

flowers you'll love

Big full blooms that fill a shady garden with bright pastel color.

Papery petals and a dark center for a pop of contrast in any bouquet.

Textural greenery and a fresh fragrance to complement any arrangement.

Find these favorites and more when you visit The Bloom Nursery. From seed and sprout to blossoms and blooms, we love cultivating a garden our guests are sure to love. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Fill your home with beautiful seasonal flowers, fresh from the garden: we invite you to enjoy our "Pick Your Own Bouquet" experience. Our flower garden is filled to the brim with fresh blooms, ready for you to hand-pick and take home with you. Fill your bucket to the brim with as many stems as you like—and enjoy the beauty of garden-fresh flowers in your home.

select your own flowers from our garden

Pick Your Own Bouquet

Learn Together

classes and workshops

We offer seasonal classes and workshops for our guests to learn more about planting and cultivating a thriving garden. Join our email list to be the first to know about new classes and workshops throughout the growing season.

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We look forward to sharing our garden with you.

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Stroll through our pathways, have lunch or a cocktail in our garden, get inspired by our garden plantings, pick out the plants you need to make your garden complete, shop for a gift for a friend (or yourself!), and pick a bouquet to take home with you. This the Bloom Nursery experience. Will you join us?

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We look forward to welcoming you.

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